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iPad 3 Concept Features Video By Aatma Studio Blows Your Mind
By: Prashanth Shantharam  |  28, February 2012

AatmaStudio_Concept_iPad_02Aatma Studio, a 3d animation and visual effects firm based in San Francisco have followed up their massive 45 Million viewed viral blockbuster – the ‘iPhone 5 Concept Features’ video, with another potential viral hit in this Computer Generated ‘Concept iPad 3’ [VIDEO]. The exclusive video launched on their YouTube channel showcases Aatma’s unique vision of an iPad 3 and/or subsequent models.

Key features of the Concept iPad 3 include:

1. A sleek, next generation retina display with complete edge-to-edge glass screen, eliminating the black border of its predecessors for a larger visual real estate.
2. Advanced Near Field Communication (NFC) capability: When two iPads come in contact with each other, their internal magnets ensure that both the iPads are conjoined smoothly. The content of the first iPad instantly takes over and extends to the second iPad’s screen. Thus providing the user with double the viewing surface area.
3. A 3d holographic display, where users can experience a three dimensional floating screen of the combined iPads, thus making it an exciting use case for multiplayer games, providing gamers a three-dimensional visual bubble for enhanced game-play.

All the tablet features seen in the video is computer generated. The iPad 3 Concept is designed for a complete immersive experience to produce an intuitive and rich user experience.

Video Overview

• The ‘Concept iPad 3’ video kicks off with the tablet’s edge-to-edge glass screen with retina display. As a result, the home button is done away with, and pressing/clicking any area of the screen activates the iPad. (We started by asking why do we need a separate home button, when the entire screen itself can perform the same function. Pressing the screen anywhere is similar to a MacBookPro’s mouse pad click; and it performs the function of a home button. To launch an app the user can tap it like s/he does on any iPad]
• A video app is fired up and a timelapse capsule of San Francisco (by day) and Chicago (by night) is displayed and it truly illuminates the magnificence of the edge-to-edge glass screen.
• Another Concept iPad 3 is brought together, and owing to the tablets’ magnets, both iPads gets attached together, while the advanced NFC kicks in instantly. Screen 1 (the master iPad) takes over Screen 2 and its content is extended onto the second iPad auto-magically. Thus yielding a unified video viewing experience for the users on double the screen size.
• Lastly a game app is fired-up and a football-based game is resumed, the room lights are turned off and the holographic display springs to life. Game controllers project out onto the table surface, and two gamers/players begin playing a football-based game.
• The in-game players sprint on the field with Team 1 heading towards a touch down. The camera pans through the gamer 1’s winning perspective. At team 1’s near touchdown, gamer 2 gives up and walks away. Team 1 in-game players celebrate their victory. [The game on the holographic display could be so realistic and immersive, that one tends to forget its all happening over the screen of two iPads.]


Pramod Modi Shantharam, CEO + Animation Director, Aatma Studio

“We’d earlier showcased to the world a potential direction smartphones could take with our hugely successful viral video ‘iPhone 5 Concept Features’. We are now shifting focus on where tablets of the future could go, with our computer generated ‘Concept iPad 3’ video.

This video represents Aatma’s vision of any future tablet, and it would be great to see some of the tablet makers of today or tomorrow implementing these features.”

Christopher Bernal, COO + Creative Director, Aatma Studio

“On the Concept iPad 3, we have featured capabilities where two people watching a video on both the iPads combined. Imagine a scenario where a family of four brings their individual iPads together in their living room; with a master iPad controlling all screens. The more iPads in a family, the merrier! This could totally replace the need for TVs in the future.”

Content Credit: Aatma Studio


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