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Global Mobile Data to Balloon 10X by 2016: Ericsson

Video would drive the mobile data uptick and cause it grow by 10x in the next five years, finds Ericcson in their new Traffic and Market Data report. Other key findings include: Global smartphone traffic is pegged to triple during 2011, and mobile broadband subscriptions will grow at a CAGR of 60% through 2016, to tally close to five billion.

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08 Nov, 2011
Prashanth Shantharam
Mobile Data Usage Grows by 77% in H1, 2011. Video Accounts for Nearly 40% of All Traffic

Allot Communications, a carrier network management agent, in its latest Mobile Trend report finds that mobile data bandwidth continues on its growth trajectory clocking a 77% spike in H1, 2011. Video streaming too continued on its ascendancy with a 93% spike; it remains the largest app that consumes 39% of mobile bandwidth.

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27 Jul, 2011
Prashanth Shantharam

Smartphone Data Deluge Gains Momentum as Costs Plunge: Nielsen

Nielsen finds there is no stopping the ‘mobile data tsunami’, as U.S average smartphone data consumption rises by 89% year on year. The cost for data has dropped by nearly half from 14c to 8c per MB. And no surprise this, this data surge is fuelled by app heavy smartphone O.S such as Android and iOS

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18 Jun, 2011
Prashanth Shantharam
3 Top UK Operators Announce a JV to Take Mobile Payments + Marketing Forward

U.K based operators – O2, Vodafone & Everything Everywhere – are collaborating together via a joint venture (JV) to offer mobile marketing + payments services to UK based consumers. When approved by relevant authorities, the new service would present consumers benefits such as targeted offers and mobile wallet payments.

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17 Jun, 2011
Prashanth Shantharam
China Mobile Leads the Pack of Top 20 Global Mobile Operators

GigaOm published Wireless Intelligence’s compilation of top 20 mobile networks across the globe. The chart is embedded below. Revenue, Y-o-Y growth and Connections were the key metrics used to measure the top 20 operators. China Mobile emerged as the No.1 player in terms of connections and revenue.

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27 May, 2011
Prashanth Shantharam
Mobile Data Traffic to Hit 14K Petabytes by 2015: Juniper

Juniper predicts that the global mobile data traffic would hit 14,000 PB by 2015. The word mobile here encapsulates all smart phones, feature phones, tablets and other connected devices.

To give a sense of how voluminous this amount of data is, Juniper compares 14K PB to 18 Billion film downloads or 3 Trillion music tracks.

US and Europe combined will tally upto 60% of all traffic while India would witness the strongest surge in traffic by 2015, according to Juniper.

Juniper claims that that nearly 9000 Petabytes of the traffic will drift through Wi-Fi and rapidly growing Femtocell networks in the next 4 years, thus balancing the mobile data load on network operators.

Femtocells, are tiny cellular base stations that resemble a DSL modem, designed for homes and businesses. They connect to the operator via broadband and help offload data from the network. Installation and usage of them however come at an additional price to end users.

Juniper states

“It is important for network operators to be cognizant of the net impact that both offload and onload have on the total data traffic through the network.”

Although currently Wi-Fi accounts for over 90 percent of the traffic offloaded, femtocells will account for a steadily increasing proportion … and both will contribute to be a flexible solution that will co-exist and provide a ‘big-win’ opportunity for the (network) operators”

Perhaps with the rapid adoption of Femtocells, the all you can drink data plans could be more cost effective to both operators and users alike.

Home Image Credit: phonescoop.com

Content Credit: Juniper

01 Apr, 2011
Prashanth Shantharam

This is the sample post for Operators.

16 Mar, 2011
Prashanth Shantharam

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    AdMob Witnesses 8 Billion Tablet Ad Requests In November, 2011. 700% y-o-y growth

    The Mobile industry will go from 6 Billion connections today to more than 12 Billion by 2020

    Public IT Cloud Services Spending to Reach $72.9 Billion in 2015

    Only 0.5% of advertising dollars goes to mobile phones even though people spend more than 8% of their media time using them

    428.7M mobile phones shipped in Q2, 2011

    74% of app downloads in the U.S are from iOS & Android Devices

    Mobile Search Advertising can be a $2 Billion to $3 Billion Market in 2012

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